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Alexandra Pelka works with major fashion brands and groups on the implementation of sustainable technologies and ESG reporting services and helps companies across the supply chain to adapt to given standards, implement timely reporting and integrate sustainability reporting and marketing into their business plans.

Alexandra Pelka is also expert in the UNECE Project on Traceability and Transparency offering her supply chain insights for the implementation of cross-industry reporting standards.

She is regularly mentoring European start-ups offering impact driven solutions, developing actionable concepts and roadmaps and accompanying them throughout the phases of creation, ideation, pitching and customer acquisition.

As Head of Europe of Litehide, a hongkong-based Start-up, she manages clients across the leather supply chain all over Europe, the US and India. Her niche - and passion area - is in the leather and fashion industry where she is well-connected and recognized as a specialist in her field. 

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