The Green Leather Movement

Our Mission and our Partners

Leather is a natural material and a by-product of the meat industry. If we don’t use it and make beautiful articles out of it the hides would go to landfill. Up-cycling for us it’s not a trend - we literally have done it for centuries. Now it is time to make the next step and shift towards a more sustainable way of production.

The term Sustainability is omnipresent in nowadays language, especially regarding the fashion industry. Most people would probably link it to the environment and biodiversity, but this is only part of its meaning. Sustainability does not only mean planting trees.

There are actually three pillars of sustainability: environmental, social and economic. All three terms are tightly interlinked and can’t really be without one another.
It is our goal to create projects which equally tackle all three pillars in a sustainable way, including all our stakeholders.

We offer consultancy and expertise throughout the entire value chain from the hide suppliers to the tanneries and from chemical companies to brands. If your company wants to start the sustainability journey, let's do it together!

Our offer:

- Materiality analysis

- SWOT analysis 

- Sustainable Business strategy

- Internal and external communication

- Supply chain analysis 

- Sustainability report and communication (B2B/B2C)

- Coaching for certifications (eg. ISO 14001:2015)

- Grant applications

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Leather is sexy

We want to give leather a stage to show its beauty to the world. Offering workshops, lectures and pitches focused on leather and its industry, as well as marketing and communication strategies.

Our targets: Events, companies and institutions.

Check out our workshops or organise your tailor-made leather and sustainability workshop.

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Official Partner of the Sustainable Leather Foundation

Environmental, Social and Economic responsibility is essential in today’s leather industry and our aim is to support the stakeholders to learn, improve and protect.

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Expert at the UNECE on Traceability for Sustainable Garment and Footwear

Improving transparency and traceability has become a priority for the garment and footwear industry to increase its ability to manage the value chains more effectively, identify and address labour and human rights violations and environmental impacts, combat counterfeits, and handle reputational risks, while embracing more sustainable production and consumption patterns.

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Taking action on sustainability

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