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Our Workshops

You want to foster your team? Professional development is the key!

Part of sustainable business means to encourage your team and foster their personal and professional development. Why not combine this with the need of in-house sustainability experts? Our workshops are tailor-made to your requests and necessities and can be held directly at site. Wether it's a large corporate or a small family-owned business, we have the right fit for you!

Workshops: Services

Sustainability as a mission

The workshop is specially built for people who want to have a deep dive into the world of SDGs, BCorp and reporting. We offer clarity and an action plan how to best create a sustainability strategy for your company.

Reporting with a vision

Basics on ESG reporting and internal processes, introduction to the ESG standards and decoding the alphabet soup together.

Leather and trace

How Sustainability is changing the image of leather and why traceability is key to meet requirements given by brands or clients. W This workshop is made for brands, tanneries and people who are just eager to learn more about leather.

Sustainability and Supply Chain Management

How traceability and transparency foster Sustainability and how communication within the value chain need to be a focus for the company. Risks and opportunities analysis of supply chains.

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